How to win a business simulation game

How to win

Many of students in dealing with business simulation game, always have a seemingly simple problem, their teacher and team members are sure to have the same question.

How to win business games?

What is the best strategy?

What are the best decisions?

Simulation complexity

Business game designers need to create complex simulations. Because of the real world is complicated. Realism shows the complexity of simulation, and novice simulation designers believe the more complex the simulation, the better the effect.

However, simulations with clear teaching goals are better than simulations that try to include all the real world complexity. Because students want a well-targeted simulation game.

Simple instructions and instructors provide easy-to-understand simulations, Simple, fairly simple simulations are more effective than complex simulations.

The needs

There are two types of users in the business simulation: teachers and students. The needs of students and teachers are different. For successful simulation, we need to meet both requirements.

Both students and teachers want simulation, which is a fun and interactive experience for students. In addition, both of them want students to learn something relevant, important, and meaningful from simulations.

Students and teachers only have limited time. Students want to use simulations that are easy to use and require little preparation and setup.

The teacher wants a simple way to assess student performance and simulation, which can be easily explained. In addition, teachers are willing to answer students’ questions about simulations precisely.