Icetech Hong Kong Co Ltd

Icetech HK Company Ltd. has been established in HKSAR since 2011, we are striving to provide learners with the edge to broaden their business acumen and competitiveness through Business Process Simulation in the fast moving global industry.

Through true-to-life business decisions with realistic consequences from matrix simulation. Learners will be embedded with core business concepts and ways of making viable decisions. Students are immersed in the dynamic virtual business environment which arouses the competitive spirit with tension and great excitement.


Learning Outcome

  • To showcase the business acumen and competitiveness through participative management.
  • To step out of their comfort zone and think outside of the box, induce their creativity & innovation in business management.
  • A workplace atmosphere of respect with congeniality.
  • Students will learn how key business decisions impact the financial, operational and market performance of a business.
  • Hands-on experience to execute the business decision from data analytic.
  • To strengthen the theories from learning in book.
  • Business Process Integration by cohesive team collaboration.
  • Enhance their Strategic / Task management.
  • Improve individual leadership skills.
  • Induce students to learn soft skills – the most effective way to communicate with both individuals.se the business acumen and competitiveness through participative management.


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Contact mail: info@icetechhk.com

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