Macro Business Simulation Ecase competition is aimed to introduce the students an intervarsity platform that they can showcase their talent of their business skills with teamwork to optimize the needs of their company profitably with their inter-dependency and critical thinking. Students are required to work in teams to complete a series of business challenges within their virtual business and seek to gain the highest score. The participative management can extend and enrich the learning from classroom into a virtual business management.

When students repeatedly evaluate their performance and revise their strategy, they are required to nail down their strategic planning, goals setting, situation appraisal, potential problem analysis, risk appraisal, identify possible solutions, decision making and last but not the least is to review and debrief from financial performance. Team has to identify an important goal to hit, challenge to be addressed or opportunity to be pursued. Put a plan together and start to execute. When your plan start to hit some snags, certain objectives are hard to meet than expectation. Students may need to abandon the plan altogether or recalibrate and jump back in until the solution is reached to drive the growth of your company over the long term.